Gel Nails Design & Extension Masterclass

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In this Gel Masterclass, students will learn 8 lessons including 32 topics. The first is about the introduction and it has five topics to study. The second lesson is about preparation and it has 4 topics. The third lesson is all about Foundation techniques and it has 10 topics that are extremely important to build the foundation. The 4th lesion is about Extension and sculpture its has 5 topics. In the 5th lesson, you will learn 8 types of gel design and it has 8 topics. 6th lesson you will learn gel nail maintenance and refill. The 7th lesson is about gel nail removal. The final lesson is the exam revision and certificate distribution.

  1. Gel Masterclass Introduction
    1. Introduction of gel system
    2. Gel Masterclass
    3. 6-step to provide fast & beautiful nail services
    4. History of Nails art and TJungs story
    5. Anatomy & Structure of Nail
  2. Gel Masterclass Preparation
    1. Gel product, Tools and equipment
    2. Nail disease and Disorder
    3. Decontamination – Sanitization, Disinfection, sterilization, waste disposal
    4. Salon Safety & precaution
  3. Gel Masterclass Foundation (Application & Finishing)
    1. Nail File, Buffer, Nail bits Grit
    2. Nail Shape & technique to make perfect nails shape
    3. Overlay filing – Apex, Upper arch, Lower Arch
    4. 4 ways to look the nails & its importance
    5. Brush application angle on Nail section 1, section 2 and section3
    6. Brush different types of section and its pressure
    7. Builder gel thin layer application technique
    8. Builder gel Thick layer application technique
    9. Gel polish application technique
    10. Removing cuticle and preparation with E-File
  4. Gel Masterclass Extension & Sculpture
    1. French nail tips extension
    2. Nail tips extension with Cover pink & Gel Polish full set on model hands
    3. Nail form Application
    4. Nail sculpture with clear builder gel and gel polish
    5. Natural Pink Nail Sculpture
  5. Gel Masterclass Design
    1. Ombre nails Extension
    2. Polka metallic dots extension design
    3. Gel Pink & white Nails Sculpture
    4. Marble nails Design
    5. Chrome Nail Design
    6. Nail Tape Design
    7. Rhinestone Design
    8. Gel matt design
  6. Gel Masterclass Maintenance & Refill
  7. Gel Masterclass Removal.
  8. Gel Masterclass Exam & certificate

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