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Acrylic Extension & Design Masterclass (Direct Class at Dubai Office)


In this Acrylic Masterclass, there are five major unit and each unit have different types of the topic and you will learn lots of ideas. The first part is the foundation- students will learn all the small but very important details. Foundation is the key to becoming professional. And 2nd unit students earn about the extension they will learn tips extension, nail form or nail sculpture extension, and dual nail form extension as well. And in the design, they will learn latest design technique and can make beautiful nails. The fourth unit id dong on the real hand. And fifth part is about the professionalism aspect of the business.  Foundation steps are the proven successful technique to become Professional.

Foundation steps of Acrylic Masterclass.

  • Brush Types, pressure section & Application angle & Brush Holding
  • Acrylic Bead & liquid Control, Multi-color bead & its Timing
  • Ombre Bead application technique
  • The perfect nail shape technique – apex, C-curve
  • How to check the nails for application & Finishing
  • Basic nail Anatomy
  • Nail disease, disorder & Contraindication
  • Contamination types & Decontamination

Types of extension is its importance

  • Nail tips Extension
  • Nail form extension
  • Dual Form Extension

Acrylic nails Design

  1. French nail Tips Extension
  2. Acrylic Color powder Application
  3. Acrylic Ombre nails Extension
  4. Acrylic Glitter Nail
  5. Acrylic marble Nail
  6. Acrylic Pink & White Sculpture
  7. Acrylic Cutting Design
  8. Acrylic Sugar design with sculpture

Real work – Practice on Customer hand

  • Nail Preparation & Three layer of nails
  • Acrylic ombre nails on customer hand
  • Acrylic Marble nails on customer hand
  • Acrylic cutting design on hand
  • Acrylic Sculpture & Sugar nails
  • Nail removal & Refill.

Professionalism & Client Communication

  • Client Communication- Before the Services- During the Services – After the Service
  • Do’s & Don’t with Customer
  • Client Consultation
  • How to make Details CV or profile to apply salon Job.
  • Exam, revision & Certificate


Exam, Revision & certificate

After the completion of the Acrylic Masterclass Students will able to make beautiful acrylic nails extension, acrylic nails design, Acrylic nail refill and removal. And they can also perform client communication and consultation as well as safety and hygiene, understanding nail disease and disorder and can perform decontamination process.


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