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E-File Masterclass


Course Content

  1. Description of Nail Drill/E-File/Nail File and grit
  2. Three types of BITS(Sanding bits, metal Bits, Ceramic bits)
  3. Safety and Precaution method, while using Nail Drill
  4. E-File on the cuticle area
  5. Filing on arc overlay/Filing on the front edge
  6. Filing for refill/Removal
  7. Filing on Acrylic Nails/Filing on Gel nails
  8. Creating smooth natural surface with TJungs 180g Nail file
  9. Creating matt Effect with TJungs 180-240g Nail Buffer.
  10. Clean with Brush
  11. Direct contamination and cross-contamination.
  12. 3 Step to decontaminate Nail Drills
  13. Cleaning the dust from a dust collector


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