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1- Hi, are you a Nail technician, or do you have a beauty salon?
2- During the Nails Design, DO you have a problem like Taking too much time to file the nails or removing the cuticle, or do you feel fear cut the live skin
Or maybe be the problem happen, lack of a full set of Professional bits. Does your lamp collect harmful dust, during a nail file? Does your lamp dry, UV Products, And Led Products? Or do you have a gel polish lifting Problem?
3- In the beginning, lots of my students also share pretty much the same problem.
After we trained more than 6000 students globally since 2010. Now we finalize the solution and we are launching 3in 1 Nail Drill with Professional bits set, a Lamp that can dry UV & LED Products, and a dust collector.

4- 3 in 1 Nail Drill, Dust collector UV LED lamp comes with extra bits set. The Golden Metal Bits can file any type of Acrylic Nails, Gel nails, very fast and efficiently. You can also use these bits to remove the nails. The round bits you can use to remove the Proximal fold dead cell. And cuticle remover bits help to remove the cuticle or overlapping cell from the nail plate. There is no risk to cut the live skin. And it’s very fast. Dust brush bits help to remove the dust after filing. The lamp dust collector absorbs the dust during the filing and can help customers and nail tech from harmful dust. It has a 36pcs UVLED bead and can dry UV/Gel Products. Which reduces the chance of nail lifting. Lots of the time lifting will happen if the lamp isn’t powerful enough. And it has an automatic sensor and doesn’t have to turn on or off the lamp. But if you want you can do it by pressing the light button.
5- You know How this can help you. Now buy the 3 in 1 Nail drill &, dust collector lamp, only @999AED or 280$ and the first 30 will get 800AED worth of E-File course, 400 AED worth of extra bits, and Free TJungs Nail File and buffer. With free delivery.
6- In the E-file online class we will teach you all the techniques and will give you all the guidelines. If you follow the guideline and practice well you will be professional at cuticle removing, filing, and making beautiful nails. You can do nail service fast and will create health and safety for you and the customer.
7- Some technicians neglect customer safety and their time and mostly they are not efficient and don’t use the latest trend. And as a result they lose the customer.
8- My suggestion is to use the latest 3in 1 Nail Drill with full bits it will customer time, you can do more services, and can make customers happy. Now it’s only 999AED and the first 30 people will get free Extra bits, we will teach you online how to use these machines and provide you 800 AED E-File online course. and one last thing you will get free TJungs Nail File & Buffer.
Order Now +971555188236 https://teachbeautyonline.com/products/salon-expert-3-in-1/ visit our website for more details.


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