Course Flow chart

Flow Chart – In this flowchart student will know how they will learn professional gel nails design course, step by step.

6 Qualities of Professional Nail Technician

  1. Knowledge: knowledge is power if you utilize them. Students need to focus on both theory and practical. As a professional nail technician, you must know the salon safety and hygiene, step by step process of different types of extension application, effective communication with the client, how to make perfect finishing, the nail anatomy, knowledge of nail file, e-file, nail brush each section and its pressure. Professional nail technicians should have the decontamination of tools, shaping the different types if nail shape. All this knowledge has the importance, during the customer service.
  2. Salon Safety and hygiene: Another quality of professional nail technician is to make a safe environment for your customer, for your salon and for yourself. In the salon there is the chance of indirect or direct contamination. There are lots of customers at the salon, some may contain pathogens as professional nail technicians we need to do a precautionary method to minimize the risk and also have to do decontaminate the tools. Professional nail technicians also know how to dispose of waste. We will learn salon safety and hygiene topic in lesson 3.
  3. Application: To do the perfect application, students must know how to look at the nails, ideal nails shape, and how to do parallel to floor technique. Ideal nails should have three qualities strength, Natural look, Beauty. If your application is 80% good then it just takes 20% time to make perfect finishing. you will learn brush different section and its pressure, brush angle on nails during the builder gel application, a topic on the lesson – 2, gel polish application on the lesson – 3, Nails Sculpture Application on Lesson-4.
  4. Effective client communication: Most nail technicians are capable to make beautiful nails design but sometimes lack effective client communication and they lose the customer. As a professional nails technician you must know how to communicate verbally, non-verbally, and also need to know certain dos and don’t while communicating with the client. you will learn all these details in lesson 5.
  5. Finishing: If your application is 80% good then it just takes 20% time to make perfect finishing. however if you want to make perfect nails shape or filing then we have a proven technique to make beautiful nails shape. you will learn filing technique and different types on nails shape in the lesson – 1.
  6. Time management: we all have limited time, as a professional you have to finish your service on time. this will save the customer time, your time and you can take more customers. there is a certain process that we can skip or we can apply the technique to finish fast. but your clarity and preparation are important to provide the best service on time. you will learn a certain technique on the lesson – 7 to finish the salon service on time.
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