Gel natural nail extension Step by Step

  1. Client consultation before the services. And confirm the mental map
  2. Preparation of tools and products.
  3. Sanitize the customer’s hand and tools.
  4. Push back the cuticle but don’t break the fold.
  5. Remove the cuticle with e file or cuticle cutter
  6. Cut the nails and make shorter with nails file
  7. Dry the nails surface with 180g nails file
  8. Clean the dust with dust Brush
  9. Select the nail tips, apply nails glue only on the edges of tips
  10. Apply nail tip on the edge of natural nails and make straight
  11. Cut the nails tips, make the nail shape & remove the shining surface of nail tips
  12. Apply primer on natural nails, let it dry for 10 sec
  13. Apply a thin layer of a clear builder gel, and dry on lamp for 60 sec on UV/LED Lamp
  14. Apply cover pink builder gel thick layer and do dip down. And dry on lamp for 60 sec sometimes need to dry 120 sec
  15. Clean the nails with Tjungs Gel Cleanser, and remove the tacky layer
  16. File and shape the nails.
  17. Buff the nails and make a smooth surface,
  18. Apply top coat and dry on the lamp. If you want to apply gel polish follow the gel polish application step
  19. Apply cuticle oil

Here is the step by step video

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