Product and tools Special notes


It is essential to know about the nail products. Less knowledge of the products can harm largely on application. Here are some list of the gel nail products.

Sanitizer/Antiseptic: it helps to protect the nails from various germs and diseases also helps to keep nails healthy.

Cuticle pusher: it helps to push back the cuticle and dead cells and technician must remove cuticle.

Nail filer : Nail should be filed very gently. It removes the oily surface and shines from nails. And gives various shapes to the nail. We file the natural nails by 180 grid whereas fake nails are filed by 100 grit. We can found ail grit with different no 80g, 100g, 120g, 180g, 240g, 280g.  

Nail buffer : nail buffer is used to create smoothness and shine on nails we can found different grit of nail buffer but mostly we use 180g buffer for perfect smoothness.

Dust brush: it helps to remove the dust from the nails.

TJungs Gel cleanser: it helps to remove the tacky layer of the gel. Mostly after you applied builder gel we need to wipe out the tacky layer of the overlay. TJungs Gel cleanser consists of 50% ISOPROYPLE Alcohol so it can be used as antiseptic also.

TJungs Artificial remover: its helps to remove gel nail polish or extension and acrylic as well.

TJungs Base Coat : Base coat helps to stay gel color longer. It helps to strength the other layer of gel. apply before the gel polish.

TJungs Gel polish: it is the polish that stays longer as compared to any other normal polish and also gives the natural shine to the nails. It stays more than 1 month on nails. Customers can select different colors. This product set, student will get three gel polish color (black, white and Red)

TJungs Top Coat: Top coat protects Gel polish or gel design or acrylic or art layer. It  gives Glossy effect to the nails. 

TJUNGS COVER BUILDER GEL – Builder gel builder and make extension nails stronger. cover pink can use for ombre nails, pink and white sculpture nails and for overlay also.

TJUNGS CLEAR BUILDER GEL – Clear builder gel can use as a base layer it create strong bond with natural layer. it can be used to cover gel polish or design.

TJUNGS WHITE BUILDER GEL – we use white builder gel to make french nail extension, and can also use for nail sculpture or overlay.


There are tools for gel nail extension such as;

Gel Nail Brush – In this Kit Students will get 3 brush set, one is liner brush another two is for Gel Application.

UVLED lamp – To dry Gel product you need either gel or Led lamp. This UV/LED lamp dry any gel product. normally you need to dry 1 mins on lamp.

Nail tips – We use nail tips to extend the nails. there are two main popular ways to make nail extension one is nail tips extension and another is nail form/sculpture extension.

Tips cutter – After you attach the nail tips on nails its easy to cut nail with nail tips cutter.

Practice hand – at the beginning its easy and accessible to practice nail extension on practice hand. these finger are flexible and easy to use.

Nail Glue – nail glue is used to attach artificial nail tips on Natural nails edge.

Nail Tape – nail tape is use for nail tape design, or stripe design.

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